10 Facts About Me

1. Born and raised in the bourbon capital of the world, Bardstown Kentucky
2. My parents are both retired high school teachers, school I attended. But in middle school, the year we were taught sex Ed, My mom had to fill in for the school nurse. So as you can imagine that year of school was wonderful for me (not really)
3. I was a two-time state champion high jumper in Kentucky, and all American in college
4. My first college was a small school in the middle of Kentucky. My track coach took a job at McKendree University and talked me into transferring because it was near Chicago. My parents were OK with this because my cousin lived there at the time. It was only after we were looking at a map trying to find Lebanon Illinois that we realized it was 20 minutes from St. Louis, not Chicago. Fortunately my parents still said yes
5. In college, during the sleepwalking episode I jumped out of my second-floor window. Nothing like being outside at 2 AM and just your underwear scratching your head
6. Once while not paying attention when rushing into a room, I bumped into someone’s shoulder who was coming out, really hard. Looked up and realized it was Michael Jordan. I’ve been waiting to hear on the news that Michael Jordan had to have shoulder surgery due to a past incident in St. Louis
7. My favorite place in the United States to visit his Charleston South Carolina, specifically Folly Beach. It’s also where I proposed and got married to my wife Kristin
8. 2018 marks my 16th year of being a personal trainer/group exercise instructor. I love the fact that I’m still in contact with 90% of my clients
9. My wife is born and raised on the hill, and we live in Princeton Heights. I’m still shocked that she’s never been to a Olive Garden
10. I’ve recently become a Pescatarian, But with my wife being allergic to seafood I’m essentially a vegetarian
10. I’ve recently become a pescatarian, but with my wife being allergic to seafood I’m essentially a vegetarian.