Saturday November 10th, 11am
7570 Watson Road - Breakout Fitness

I was in a wedding so the camera was going off like crazy. After I saw myself in the pictures, I said F THAT! I’m making the change TODAY.

4 years later I’m down 100lbs, but my journey didn’t end. It also wasn’t easy. Set backs, successes, failed fad diets, you name it, I went through it.

And the struggle continues today. I STILL want to eat whatever I want, take days off from the gym, revert to my old ways. But I make the choice DAILY to continue my fight.

So this Saturday November 10th, come out at 11a and listen as I tell my story, give tips on what you can do to achieve the same success, and pick up some free stuff while you’re here :)

- Kelly :)

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